As we posted from one of the wine critics, our 2014 Ingram Rd Pinot Grigio is a “summer drinking weapon”.

Loads of fresh fruit on the front and mid palate with a clean finish. (Our Pinot Grigio is only one of three wines that we ferment in stainless steel. The other two being the Ingram Rd Fizz and Sav Blanc.) The key to keeping the wonderful fruit characteristics from the vineyard to bottle is all about the slow fermentation process that we employ in the winery.

Most big producers who have significant tank space issues at vintage bang the wine into a tank, quickly ferment that wine and then transfer it to a big storage tank to make room for the next batch. Being a small producer we do not have these tank space issues. We have a designated tank for our Pinot Grigio and can therefore slow the fermentation process right down and just keep it ticking over.

The result shows in the bottle. We capture all of the little flavour nuances that the quick ferment would “blow off”. That extra mouth feel and texture that our Grigio displays is a result of this slow fermentation process. But because it is fermented in tank and not barrels we get that really refreshing clean but lengthy finish. There is pear and apple with a hint of spice. Maybe a bit of lime in there as well I reckon.

I do not tend to drink unless I am eating something as well. With this wine, I am happy to simply kick back and enjoy a glass.