Autumn in the vineyard

Yet another vintage is over and while it would be nice to put our feet up and relax until the spring….. there is always more to do! Autumn is a time of preparation for the winter and the vines need to lay down carbohydrate stores ready for next season. To help put them to bed, […]

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Biodiversity at Helen’s Hill Estate – Part 3

Canopy – The vine’s engine room
As we are heading into the summer, our vines now have a full canopy of shoots and leaves and the grape bunches have started to develop. The canopy is stunning at this time of year, looking full and lush and waving around in the breeze, and all this greenery is […]

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Meet Anthony: Vineyard Manager at Helen’s Hill Estate

Anthony has worked at Helen’s Hill for four years now, and during that time has helped the vineyard to grow and flourish.  We sat down with him and asked him a few questions about becoming a vineyard manager, what it’s like to work at Helen’s Hill and how technology has impacted the viticulture industry. Thanks […]

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Biodiversity at Helen’s Hill Estate. Part 1

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Helen’s Hill is dedicated to taking what Mother Nature gave us and putting it in the bottle with minimal handling and processing, and to do that we have to make sure Mother Nature is at her best. Encouraging biodiversity in our vineyard is key to the health of our vines and ultimately […]

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What on earth is that?!

We recently found this weird and wonderful object out in the vineyard. Any guesses about what it is?

If you guessed “Saunders case moth, metura elongatus”, then you’d be spot on (and also, we’d be rather impressed at your memorisation skills!). Case moths spins their cases out of silk, and most species tend to attach things […]

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Ingram Road 2013 Pinot Noir is here!

Here’s some good news for the middle of the week: we’ve officially released our 2013 Ingram Road Pinot Noir. This wine has flavours of strawberry and cherry running through it, with undertones of gaminess. If you think it sounds delicious, you’d be right – we’ve tried it here at cellar door a few times!

As you […]

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2014 Vintage Report

What can we tell you about the 2014 vintage? Good things come in small packages, I guess! With the late arrival of summer and the cold, wet flowering season we were always expecting a small harvest. Bud burst was even and it looked like a great start to the season however the gloomy cold and […]

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Helen’s Hill Estate – Pinot Noir 2013 review

I am often asked why we call the Helen’s Hill Pinot Noir “Long Walk”. The reasoning is quite simple. Most of the fruit (approximately 70%) is taken from our main Pinot Noir block which is around 8.5 hectares in total size and consists of 70 rows each 532 metres in length. So if you go […]

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Vintage 2014 at Helen’s Hill

Harvest is well under way here at Helen’s Hill, and we’re busy tasting the fruit that’s coming into the winery for our 2014 vintage. Some fabulous flavours are already coming through – the Shiraz is especially delicious. When you come into the cellar door in a weekend you may even catch a glimpse of our […]

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New Pinot Noir releases at Helen’s Hill

If you have spent any time at our cellar door you would have noticed our reverence (some may call it “obsession”) with all things pinot noir related. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that we’re launching two new pinot noir wines for 2013. We’ll be releasing extensive tasting notes on both of […]

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