Ingram Road Chardonnay reviews

2016 vintage

Gary Walsh – Wine Front – Published 07 Aug 2017

“Formerly listed as Ingram Rd here, but seems to be the full name now, though I’ll stick with our standard. It’s the sort of thing that annoys CM intensely. Juicy flavoursome chardonnay with a bit of restraint. Peach, citrus and sawn wood and cashew. Decent […]

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Helen’s Hill Pinot Noir 2010 – a few reviews

Our Helen’s Hill Pinot Noir 2010 has received a litle bit of attention lately. Firstly, it was recently reviewed by, and we’re happy to say that Gary Walsh was pleased with it!


“Terrific vintage for Pinot in the Yarra Valley.

Forest berries, spice, a touch of earth and vanilla perfume. It’s ripe and sweetly fruited with […]

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