From the Tasting Bench: En Vie Blanc de Noir and Ingram Road Pinot Grigio 2015

En Vie Blanc de Noir

It was a little bit of dubious anticipation that I cracked open of a bottle of our recently released En Vie bubbles. Have revamped the old Ingram Rd packaging and given the wine it’s very own name and substantially increased the amount of Pinot Noir that goes into the bottle. Have […]

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Ingram Road Pinot Noir reviews

2015 vintage

Melbourne International Wine Competition  – 2016 silver medal








Huon Hooke – 12/8/2016. The Real Review

Good depth and hue of colour, the wine sweetly ripe and clean, fragrant and attractive in bouquet and flavour. The palate has weight and depth, good soft tannins in abundance, and charmingly aromatic red cherry and floral nuances. It’s fairly plain […]

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Ingram Road Chardonnay reviews

2016 vintage

Gary Walsh – Wine Front – Published 07 Aug 2017

“Formerly listed as Ingram Rd here, but seems to be the full name now, though I’ll stick with our standard. It’s the sort of thing that annoys CM intensely. Juicy flavoursome chardonnay with a bit of restraint. Peach, citrus and sawn wood and cashew. Decent […]

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Ingram Road Pinot Grigio reviews

2016 vintage

Campbell Mattinson – The Wine Front

It’s a pleasure to drink. It’s spicy and floral – it most qualifies for the word ‘perfumed’ – with nuts and stonefruit-like characters giving plenty of flavour to hang on to. Honeysuckle, almost into rose petal, notes combine with a gentle vanilla-pod character to continue the pretty them. You could […]

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Ingram Road 2013 Pinot Noir is here!

Here’s some good news for the middle of the week: we’ve officially released our 2013 Ingram Road Pinot Noir. This wine has flavours of strawberry and cherry running through it, with undertones of gaminess. If you think it sounds delicious, you’d be right – we’ve tried it here at cellar door a few times!

As you […]

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Ingram Road Pinot Noir – another great review!

Our Ingram Road 2012 Pinot Noir received a great write up in the James Halliday-led magazine, “Wine Companion”.

“Excellent depth and hue; this is a seriously good pinot at any price; at $19 the value for money is exceptional, its flawless varietal expression of red and black cherries is backed by precisely judged texture and structure. […]

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Ingram Road 2012 Pinot Noir

It is that time of the year again when the weather turns a little colder and the winter foods start to hit the daily menu. Perfect time for a Pinot (although I would argue that Pinot time is pretty much 24/7 multiplied by 365).

In line with the menu change I have just released the Ingram […]

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An update on the vineyard and vintage!

Since the beginning of spring, the grape vines have been slowly, but surely, doing their thing. Ever since we pruned, back in the middle of winter, I’ve been waiting for that first touch of green to arrive on the vines. And finally, it did!

At first it was the tiniest hint of green:



… and after a […]

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Time to learn something about the vineyard: wire lifting!

What’s been happening in our vineyard the last month?


Wire lifting! What’s wire lifting, you may ask? (And don’t worry, I had no idea originally either!) According to our vineyard manager Robyn, wire lifting is what we do to keep the growth of the shoots under control. At this time of year the foliage requires constant […]

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New release: Ingram Road Pinot Grigio 2011

One of the most asked questions at Cellar Door is, “What’s the difference between Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Gris?”. In terms of the actual grape variety, the answer is- nothing! But there’s quite a difference in terms of the style of the resultant wine.


The style varies from light bodied and fairly straight forward (Pinot Grigio) […]

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