Autumn in the vineyard

Yet another vintage is over and while it would be nice to put our feet up and relax until the spring….. there is always more to do! Autumn is a time of preparation for the winter and the vines need to lay down carbohydrate stores ready for next season. To help put them to bed, […]

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Meet Anthony: Vineyard Manager at Helen’s Hill Estate

Anthony has worked at Helen’s Hill for four years now, and during that time has helped the vineyard to grow and flourish.  We sat down with him and asked him a few questions about becoming a vineyard manager, what it’s like to work at Helen’s Hill and how technology has impacted the viticulture industry. Thanks […]

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Biodiversity at Helen’s Hill Estate. Part 1

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Helen’s Hill is dedicated to taking what Mother Nature gave us and putting it in the bottle with minimal handling and processing, and to do that we have to make sure Mother Nature is at her best. Encouraging biodiversity in our vineyard is key to the health of our vines and ultimately […]

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What on earth is that?!

We recently found this weird and wonderful object out in the vineyard. Any guesses about what it is?

If you guessed “Saunders case moth, metura elongatus”, then you’d be spot on (and also, we’d be rather impressed at your memorisation skills!). Case moths spins their cases out of silk, and most species tend to attach things […]

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An update on the vineyard and vintage!

Since the beginning of spring, the grape vines have been slowly, but surely, doing their thing. Ever since we pruned, back in the middle of winter, I’ve been waiting for that first touch of green to arrive on the vines. And finally, it did!

At first it was the tiniest hint of green:



… and after a […]

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Time to learn something about the vineyard: wire lifting!

What’s been happening in our vineyard the last month?


Wire lifting! What’s wire lifting, you may ask? (And don’t worry, I had no idea originally either!) According to our vineyard manager Robyn, wire lifting is what we do to keep the growth of the shoots under control. At this time of year the foliage requires constant […]

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Have you met our Wood Ducks?

Spring has not only brought new leaves to the vineyard, but new ducklings to the dam.


Have you seen our Wood Ducks? The Australian Wood Duck is a medium sized “goose like” duck with a dark brown head and a pale grey body.


The Wood Duck forms a monogamous breeding pair that stay together year round. They […]

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New release: 2007 Blanc de Noir

With the fast approaching spring carnival, warmer weather and a general festive tone I thought the timing was apt to do a quick review of our recently released Vintage bubbles. Simply named Blanc de Noir (which is the French term meaning “white wine from red grapes”) our 2007 Vintage bubbly is made entirely from Pinot […]

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From Spiders to Ladybugs

Vineyard owners love the Ladybug. Not only do they eat up to 5,000 insects over their lifetime (think of all that time saved!) but their appearance in a vineyard also indicates a well-rounded local eco-system.


Ladybugs have a natural life span of 2-3 years and can consume up to 5,000 insects (aphids, mites and young spiders) during […]

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Lurking in the vines

Juvenile female Redback

Pruning of the newly planted Pinot Noir clones has its surprises for the unwary.


The Redback Spider is Australia’s most recognisable spider and it likes to live in dark dry areas. The female Redback is the only deadly spider in Victoria and recent reports indicate

an explosion in their numbers due to […]

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