Introducing our winery dogs!

We often get asked in the cellar door what the names and stories are of our winery dogs. We have quite a few canine companions running around at Helen’s Hill, so I thought I would take the time to introduce you to them.


First up, I’d like for you to meet Conti. If you have visited us […]

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From Spiders to Ladybugs

Vineyard owners love the Ladybug. Not only do they eat up to 5,000 insects over their lifetime (think of all that time saved!) but their appearance in a vineyard also indicates a well-rounded local eco-system.


Ladybugs have a natural life span of 2-3 years and can consume up to 5,000 insects (aphids, mites and young spiders) during […]

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The ‘new’ Helen’s Hill 2009 Pinot Noir

The forthcoming release of the Helen’s Hill 2009 Pinot Noir will be the beginning of a new era for our Pinot Noir range. Those of you that know the property well will be aware that in past vintages (up to and including 2008) the Helen’s Hill Pinot Noir has been a mixture of the old […]

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