You may have noticed a few differences recently if you have dined at Vines Helen’s Hill in the last few weeks. There is a freshness, an invigorating sense of new beginnings. The proverbial cat is well and truly out of the bag and so without further ado, we would like to Introduce Many-Anne Lowe, the dynamic driving force behind Bramleigh and Linley receptions and the new owner of Vine’s at Helen’s Hill.

Mary-Anne Lowe at Vines Helen’s Hill

Mary-Anne and her team took over management of the restaurant at the start of February 2017 and it has been a whirlwind of painters, decorators, gardeners and photographers in the last few weeks as she firmly puts her own special touches on our beautiful venue. If there is one thing we have learned in the brief time we have been working with Many-Anne is that she is a force to be reckoned with, and one of the best operators in the Valley.

When chatting with Mary-Anne recently, we learned a few things about her passion for beautiful events and the spaces that create them, her genuine love for hospitality and being hospitable as well as her absolute drive for perfection and excellence. Her fist out of school job at 18 was as a waitress for Bramleigh receptions in Croydon, a venue she now owns and who recently won the Australian Bridal Industry Award for best Victorian Reception Centre. Although she took a few adventures in between her waitressing gig and now ownership of Bramleigh Receptions, namely running her own event hire company.

Vines lit up at night

So now this Croydon girl is steering the Vines at Helen’s Hill ship, what are her future plans and has working in a vineyard venue given her a new perspective on her already formidable industry experience. “I am learning that a vineyard is more than just a beautiful back drop for great events. Especially one like Helen’s Hill with its family core and strong passion for nurturing the land, the grapes and ultimately the single vineyard wine that is the end result.” It is this authenticity Mary-Anne plans to harness to make Vine’s at Helen’s Hill stand out from the rest.

When she first came to visit the venue last year it was immediately apparent that such a unique space had so much potential. ‘It is simple really, you can’t get views like it anywhere else in the Valley. The building is contemporary, the infrastructure already in place. It’s like a look-out point at the top of the hill with the whole vineyard sweeping around it. Stunning”

Left to right: Mark Krueger, Head Chef and David Munn, Front of House

Her staff could not be happier to move into the new Yarra Valley venue. “Everyone is so excited to be serving wine that is made on the property. All the staff are keen to learn more about the processes involved so they can deepen our customer’s experience. They have even volunteered in droves to help with the grape harvest. Of all my venues, they all want to work at this one” Although she has been confronted with more wildlife at her new venue then she is used to. “I have started checking under my car and taking a torch to work in the morning” she chuckles.

With the wedding bookings filling up and the restaurant already booked solid it has not taken long for guests to see the outstanding quality Mary-Anne and her team have brought to Vine’s at Helen’s Hill. “We have only just started” she says “I have so many more plans to unveil as we get more settled.”

Left to right: Rod, Ellie, David, Apple and Mark from Vines joining with th Helen’s Hill crew to pick grapes for our new Lana’s Rose due for release later this year.

We want to say a big welcome to Mary-Anne, Mark and the new team at Vines and invite all our wonderful customers to come and introduce yourselves, try the new food and experience the new look Vines at Helen’s Hill. We hope to see you all at the degustation dinner in Winter…. More to follow on that later. In the meantime, come and get a taste of what Mary-Anne and her team are all about at the Yarra Valley Weddings Bridal Expo on Sunday the 9th of April.

For more information on the YARRA VALLEY WEDDING EXPO @ Vines Helen’s Hill – Click here!



The Helen’s Hill Team 🙂