Craft Beer Range

$6 per Bottle $25 per dog pack

As winemakers, we drink a lot of beer, especially during the hot summer months of harvest. It was a natural progression from drinking to making!

Our ‘Dog Pack’ range of beer pays homage to our faithful four legged friends as well as our commitment to make premium hand crafted beverages.

Archie’s Pale Ale  Australian Pale Ale    ABV 5.5%   1.4 Standard drinks       

Australian style pale ale with a solid malt backbone and firm bitterness. This recipe uses Pride of Ringwood hops, a mainstay of Australian brewing to create a refreshing and clean pale ale with a firm bitterness that keeps you coming back for more.

Caesars’ Pale Ale  Classic US Pale Ale     ABV 5.5%   1.4 Standard drinks      

American style pale ale with a subtle malt profile and fresh citrus and fruity hops. This recipe uses a classic American pairing of Cascade and Amarillo to create a refreshing and hoppy pale ale with a firm bitterness that lingers nicely.

Brutus’ Amber Ale           ABV 5.5%   1.4 Standard drinks                               

This is a pleasant amber coloured American style beer. It is more malt focussed than its paler cousins, but still shows those classic American fruity hop notes that pale ale drinkers love. Light toffee and caramel notes dominate the flavour, with a solid bitterness that balances the beer out nicely.